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What is Aflateen?

The Aflateen programme is a curriculum created by the Aflatoun secretariat that brings social and financial education to youth worldwide. Tailored specifically for this developmental phase, the Aflateen programme not only teaches about finance but also encourages young people to question the world around them. They explore concepts such as age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic status and religion. Aflateen’s mission is ‘to inspire socially- and economically- empowered young people to lead responsible lives and be agents of change.’ Successfully piloted in 2011 in ten countries, we hope to expand to 50 countries by 2016.

What is Aflateen Digital?

Aflateen Digital is an online, e-learning platform aimed at young people aged 15 and above. It is accessed via the internet, and offers information for users to learn from as well as interactive ways for them to contribute and participate.  To do this, the platform uses a range of interactive multimedia content focusing on issues relating to youth rights and responsibilities, financial literacy, and managing social and financial enterprises. It builds on Aflatoun’s philosophy of learning by doing and uses game mechanics, known as ‘gamification’, which allows youth to be rewarded for their participation, sharing and learning. It can be used as a stand-alone learning tool, but also complements well activities in classrooms or clubs. The Aflateen Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Aflateen) was also created for young people to share their Aflateen experiences and to get the latest updates on interesting topics related to social and financial learning.

Who is Aflateen Digital for?

Aflateen Digital is designed predominantly for individual learners who can access the programme at any time or location, and can work through content on their own and at their own pace (asynchronous e-learning). It may also form part of wider instructor-led study with Aflateen clubs, based in educational or community settings (synchronous learning).

What are the goals of Aflateen Digital?

After completing Aflateen Digital program, young people will be able to:

  • Examine and reflect on their identities, values and beliefs, as well as their relationship with family, friends and communities
  • Critique and investigate how rights are realized or violated in society
  • Describe and practice responsible use and accumulation of financial, natural and other kinds of resources (people, planet and profit)
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct planning and budgeting activities towards realizing a desired goal
  • Conduct enterprises that have a positive effect in their communities

How will youth learn online?

There are a number of theoretical assumptions underpinning the design of the platform. They are drawn from a range of perspectives that seek to describe the way we learn, and are important in helping us understand how the platform brings about learning and change.

The three core assumptions are:

  • The learner actively constructs knowledge, through achieving understanding.
  • Learning depends on what we already know, or what we can already do.
  • Learning is self-regulated, goal-oriented and cumulative.

Drawing on these principles, the platform’s design and functionality allow for:

  • Support in the development of capable, confident and empowered learning identities
  • Blended interaction between the platform and the community in which a user lives
  • Project-based learning, encouraging users to apply knowledge and skills in the community by formulating and solving realistic problems
  • Space for dialogue that facilitates the development of networked learning relationships within and across contexts

How does Aflateen Digital have an impact?

Aflateen Digital presents new and exciting opportunities for promoting learning and effectively assessing outcomes. The platform seeks to achieve these outcomes by engaging and motivating users, and by providing a rich, fun, and immersive learning environment.

The platform provides for both the presentation of educational content and the facilitation of the learning processes. Using a range of learning objects, exercises and activities, users are encouraged to explore, reflect and interact with the material, both on the platform and out in the real world.

Aflateen Digital Theory of Change

 Aflateen Digital Theory of Change


 Aflateen Digital enables a range of potential outcomes as a result of user engagement:

 Primary Outcomes:

  • Increased understanding of basic concepts such as individual rights and saving
  • Increased financial and ICT literacy
  • Attitudinal change
  • Increased self-efficacy

 Secondary Outcomes:

  • Behavioural change, increased rates of saving, etc.
  • Improved interpersonal communication and collaboration
  • Higher order thinking skills, such as reflexivity
  • Knowledge transfer between users, families and communities
  • The positive effect of user engagement in the community


Aflateen Digital Infographic


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