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Date03.03.2015 CountryBrazil Aflateen votes0

Rescuing Local Culture

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The Astrinho Dance Festival

Age of group: 11 – 16 year old

Story told by Aflatoun Partner

Growing up in a small town means that there can be little to do as a young person. An Aflatoun club with participants from the age of 13 to 18 years in the North East of Brazil decided to change that. They decided that they were going to show the community what they had to offer. To do so they organized the Dance Festival Astrinho.

The group organized, planned and coordinated an evening of dance, poetry and theatre and invited others to participate: both adults and children as young as 4 participated in the activities.

Community leaders said that this was the best event ever organized in town. “This reminded us of our culture”. So they asked the Aflatoun Club to organize another event, this time with the support of the whole community.

The Club is organizing its next event and becoming an annual tradition: the Second Dance Festival Astrinho is this August.