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Date11.07.2013 CountryBotswana Aflateen votes13
Raymond Kolobe

my journey of life with aflateen

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change on me after having aflateen

i really learned a lot after learning on aflateen and the most thing and important part was the planning and budgeting part because that is when i learned more when it comes to money.financial literacy is good to me as i want to make myself a small business that can help the community and how i am going to spend that money.my intension is to continue with aflateen to become self sufficient on money.

through aflateen,me and my team members we are planning to have a community project which our intension is to bring change to the family which is inneed of life materials and we want to bring change to that family and make bond and at the same time happiness is needed.

This project is in collaboration with:

leadership group