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Date03.03.2015 CountryBrazil Aflateen votes0

The Dreamers

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A Space for the Community

Age of group: 11- 16 years old

Story told by Aflatoun Partner

In the Jequitinhonha Valley in Brazil, an Aflatoun group started in the Imbiru├žu community. In total there were 17 youth ages 10 to 18 years old participating in the project, meeting once a week in an old church.

The church was old and inhabited by bats. It was not a place that was particularly appealing to meet and do activities so the group decided that it would be their goal to renovate this space. With the support of the families, activities were organized like dances, traditional food stalls and auctions to raise money. A mason from the community was commissioned and the space was refreshed with community volunteers.

After successfully renovating, today the group uses the space for all of its entrepreneurial and other activities such as organizing markets where their handicrafts are sold. This allows them to fundraise for special celebrations or other things for the whole group.

The participants see their work as an opportunity to realize their dreams and improve the community.