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Date09.03.2015 CountryUkraine Aflateen votes7

Save our town

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Topic of a recycling and clearing our cities is very popular in our world.

The main cause of its popularity is our dirty cities, towns, lakes, rivers, air earth and other things. They are so unclean becouse of "humans". But we (modern generation) can help our planet! (distroy this problem)
Everyone can do something good for environment. It can be cleaning up the river banks, planting the trees, feeding wild animals and birds and so on.

This project is in collaboration with:

Школа №16 ВМР Члени команди: Безсмертний Михайло, Андрійченко Катерина, Селезньова Єлизавета, Діденко Олеся, Науменко Антон.