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Aflateen Story

Date09.03.2015 CountryIndia Aflateen votes1

From a Small Seed a Mighty Tree Grows

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Responsibility for community and environment

Age of Group: 13-14 years old

Story told by Aflatoun Partner

This is the story of Bharuamunda upper primary school situated in Naupada District. The Aflatoun program was started in this school in the year 2011. Children liked the innovative ideas and activities whereby they were encouraged to form Aflatoun clubs. They started conducting meetings and set up Aflatoun savings groups in their school to save money.

In one of their club meetings children started a kitchen gardening activity. This initiative was taken mainly to save the environment by planting trees but it has also provided them an opportunity to practice the financial entrepreneurship learnt in Aflatoun sessions. They planted the papaya trees with great enthusiasm; divided the responsibility of taking care of these trees; took care of them by providing water & fertilizers and now the papaya trees are grown up. Suddenly a plain piece of ground has turned into a beautiful garden. The children have also started planting trees at home.

Thus we can see that children have not only understood the importance of savings but have also taken action to save the environment.