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Date14.09.2013 CountryNamibia Aflateen votes10
Johanna Cloete

Organic School Gardens

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School gardens support food security

Aflateen Environmental Dream
Aflateen clubs believes it is possible to combat poverty through education that balances personal and social awareness with practical planning, savings and entrepreneurial skills. Children are encouraged to make the best use of their resources whether these are in the form of money, natural resources, clothes or time. Aflateen encourages young learners at an early age to explore issues of environmental protection and sustainability. They are urged to make use of what they have in order to conserve the environment as well as advocating for the protection of the natural resources for a better future.
The Aflateen Clubs contribute to a number of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.
MDG 1: Eradication of extreme poverty and hunger: Aflateen aims to equip this and future generations of children with poverty- specially, to embed responsible citizenship, saving habits, and understanding financial management.
MDG 2: Achieve universal primary education: Aflateen supports the 100% primary school enrolment goal by rolling out the Aflateen Concept primarily through national education systems.
MDG.3: Promote gender equality, empower women: Aflateen’s curriculum shows that to achieve female empowerment, both genders must be educated from an early age to understand parity and equality from female and male representatives. This is done through fun and interactive activities to explore children’s cultural understanding and build culturally – specific relevant mindsets for gendered empowerment.
MDG 4: Ensure environmental sustainability: Environmental sustainability is addressed throughout the eight Aflateen workbooks with fun, engaging games and activities that teach children to value all resources, not just financial, but environmental too. Children are taught to save resources like water, energy, and the importance of a sustainable relationship with environment to avoid resource depletion and a negative human impact on their surroundings.

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Jonas, Johanna, Tutu, Earny, Maria