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Date07.07.2015 CountryPhilippines Aflateen votes2

Global Money Week

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Update: 07.07.2015

Global Money Week

Aflatoun celebrated the Global Money Week with the theme “Save Today, Safe Tomorrow” during their training last March 14 held at San Antonio Maria Claret Theology House, Quezon City.

The Aflateen volunteers watched a documentary film entitled “Pulot-Pukyutan (honey)”, the documentary is about a two siblings who works really hard by attacking bee hives to provide for their basic needs. After watching, Ms. Grace, the program facilitator, asked them about their reactions and reflections about the film. Everyone was inspired because it shows the eagerness of the siblings to earn money while most teens nowadays, don’t even know how to spend and save their money properly.

Their final activity is about project planning, they were divided into three groups and would have to come up with a project about proper saving and budgetting. They will then present their plans and explain its objectives after 30 mintues. Group one presented their project entitled, “Money in a bottle” which aims to teach the children to save money for future purposes. The second group came up with a project entitled, “Mr. & Ms. Clean” a pageant for a cause wherein participants will have to use recycled materials. Lastly, the third group’s project is a benefit concert called “Busog Lusog Concert”.

They ended the celebration by sharing their feedback and realizations about the activities that they've done. Each one of them said that it is important to distinguish their needs over their wants, proper spending and saving and of course about planning and budgeting that will surely help them in the future.