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Date15.11.2013 CountryKenya Aflateen votes10

Becoming a knowledgeable Kenyan citizen

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Becoming a knowledgeable Kenyan citizen thanks to Aflateen

I know my rights and how to speak up for myself

I am very grateful for the Aflateen Club because it has done nothing short of revolutionising my life. I now know that I am a full member of society says Marian*, 18 years old from Kenya. The club has taught me my rights and responsibilities as a Kenyan citizen and a lady.

I am also more confident than I was before I joined the club and I can share my ideas without shying away. I am able to participate in all school activities including when it entails speaking in front of large crowds. I am also more confident in approaching my teachers for help regarding school work.

Staying in school because I can pay my fees

Thanks to this club, I now know how to spend and save my money. I started a small business of planting and selling sukuma wiki in my community. (This is a green vegetable which is used a lot in Kenyan cuisine, ed.). I have done that for the past 3 months now, and thanks to the profit I make from selling it, I can now pay my school fees on time. I used to be sent home frequently because of this problem, but not anymore. Aflateen has also helped me improve the living standards of my family.

I thank my teachers for encouraging me and other members to join this very interesting, productive and fun Aflateen club.