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Date11.03.2016 CountryRwanda Aflateen votes2


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Breeding Rabbits

“I’m breeding and raising rabbits! I sell the young rabbits when they are big and use the income to buy materials for school.”

Helen is 15 year-old from a small village in Rwanda. She has been a member of an Aflatoun savings club for a year. She was able to save up small amounts of money – 100 Rwandan Francs per week ($0.15 USD). “I made a clear plan for myself. Once I would have saved sufficient money I would buy a rabbit. Now after six months, I have been able to do that! My rabbit has given birth to 10 rabbits already which I feed with leaves and grass. With the money that I earn when I sell the rabbits I can buy materials for school.”

The money really helps her and her family as their income is low and they normally struggle to make ends meet. With the income that Helen earns, her school costs are covered. Now she can finish her schooling for sure. “Aflatoun really made me understand the value of money. No matter how small the amount may be. I realised that to get a big amount you start with just a little money.”

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Helen (15 years old)