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Date21.03.2017 CountryChina Aflateen votes42

Striking The Right Chord

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Achieving Goals

When Xian joined her township’s secondary school, she was delighted by the financial education and life skills (FELS) classes they had there. Rather than lecturing like all other teachers, the teachers of these classes would organise the children in a huge variety of activities, such as brainstorming, story-telling, role play, group discussions and more.

Xian says, “[FELS] has made me realise my strengths and weakness, and learn to take responsibility for the choices I make. I have become more mature after taking this class, and now know how to make plans.”

Not only have FELS classes been hugely enjoyable, they have also helped 14 year-old Xian to achieve a long dreamed-of goal; becoming a musician. Xian’s parents – who live and work in another county 500 miles away, only returning home once a year – would not buy her a guitar. They said there was no chance of learning to be a musician in a rural village and that it would be a waste of money.

However, Xian saw that the music teacher in the school was offering free guitar lessons, and through the FELS lessons she had learned that she could save to buy a guitar herself. Each week Xian saved 5 yuan (72 US cents), slowly reaching the 200 yuan (29 US Dollars) needed to buy her very own guitar!

Xian can now play several simple songs, and when her parents came back home during Spring Festival, she gave them a surprise performance. “Not bad,” Xian shares with a smile, “as my parents said. They agree to let me continue learning guitar now, and said that they would support me to do the things I want in the future. Without FELS, I would never have realised that I can achieve my goal in such a way.”