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Date22.03.2017 CountryBrazil Aflateen votes50

Fighting for a Dream in Brazil

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Achieving Goals

Joyce has a real passion for judo, but she used to think it was “a distant dream” to compete in formal competitions. While judo lessons are free, you must register for an ID card to compete officially. This required money Joyce simply didn’t have.

Joyce started saving to achieve her dream after enrolling in the Financial Education for Girls program two years ago. She is a communicative, popular 13 year-old, who has a “very peaceful” relationship with her family (her mother and her little brother are pictured here), who support her love of judo.

Through the Financial Education for Girls club at her school, Joyce learnt about earning, managing and saving money. She learnt about budgeting, and she planned out how much money she would need to save each week in order to get the right amount for her judo ID card – even coming in to school for club meetings when she didn’t have any classes that day.

Over time her savings grew, and she proudly applied and received her judo ID card, entering her first competition in October 2016 and winning two gold medals and one silver! She is absolutely delighted to have achieved what for so long had seemed impossible, saying “I have made my dream come true with my determination”.