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Date22.03.2017 CountryIndia Aflateen votes71

A Budding Interior Décor Designer in India

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Suman doesn’t live with her parents (the girl far right of the above photo). Their home is 70km away from where she goes to school in rural Rajasthan, northern India, so she stays instead with her maternal grandparents who live closer to school. Such is her determination to go to school that she accepts seeing her parents only when they visit.

But Suman’s drive to attend school is well-rewarded. She has been an active member of her school’s financial and life skills education club for two years and was in fact elected club leader by her peers!

Through the program, Suman and her classmates have learnt about entrepreneurship and were encouraged to make beautiful chandeliers and door hangings with simple locally available materials. They learnt about budgeting, costing and marketing of the finished products, and earned 800 rupees (around 12 US dollars) as a group by selling their items during Republic Day celebrations.

This success inspired Suman to start her own enterprise. She borrowed INR 400 from her father and started making and selling chandeliers and door hangings during her leisure time. She has now amassed a profit of 225 rupees (around 3.50 US dollars), and says “I will use the profit money to grow my business and save a part of it in my piggy bank for future use”.

Suman is so passionate about her craft that she is teaching other girls in her village how to make these decorative products. Observing her ability, creativity and interest, her father is happy to continue to support her in expanding her business.