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Date22.03.2017 CountryIndia Aflateen votes54

A Festive Idea in India

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Vimla (name changed) is 14 years old, is energetic and popular with a huge appetite for studying and learning new things. She has been part of the Credit Suisse Financial and Life Skills Education program for two years, and says it has transformed the atmosphere of her school. As part of the program, the children are consulted on matters related to the running of the school, for example choosing which areas money should be allocated to first in order to appreciate priorities and budgeting. Vimla says “We are proud of our role in managing school activities”.

It was during a workshop on entrepreneurship that Vimla had a bright idea. While learning about budgeting, costing and marketing of products, she realised that she and her classmates could make and sell Rakhis; beautiful colourful bands made from multi-coloured thread and beads which are tied around children’s wrists on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan (a festival to celebrate the bond of affection between brothers and sisters) in India.

Using her savings Vimla purchased raw material from the market and made Rakhis with various designs and materials. She then worked out the costing and sold each piece at 10 rupees, earning a profit of 300 rupees (about 4.50 US dollars) during the festival period.

Vimla’s dream is to start a collective enterprise involving other members of the children’s club in order to continue making Rakhi as well as branch out to similar products and take it up as a business in future. She has enjoyed learning “the path to earn money through a simple enterprise requiring small capital and which can be done from my home”.