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Date23.03.2017 CountryBrazil Aflateen votes91

The Icing on the Cake

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Mariana’s first investor was her father. He lent her R$ 10 (3 US dollars) to buy ingredients for cupcakes, which she made and sold from her home. The cakes she made with her father’s investment brought in R$ 100 – meaning a clear R$ 80 (25 US dollars) profit. Today she continues to make and sell cupcakes at small parties thrown by friends and family, and at a local book fair. She calls her father her business partner now!

Mariana is 13 and has been an active member of the girls financial education and life skills club at her school for two years. All 20 of the girls in her club are saving money collectively and individually (the club’s piggy bank is apparently now “very heavy!”). Mariana says the project has “totally changed [her] life”, and she believes financial and life skills education should be part of the normal curriculum, not just specific to the project.

Club activities on life skills such as understanding others and self-knowledge, conflict resolution and global citizenship have also fostered a change in Mariana; she now reportedly fights less with her brothers, and respects her elders better.

The girls in the club even had a day trip out of school to visit Banco do Brasil, which they were very excited about. During the visit Mariana got to know the financial institution and learned about different types of accounts (e.g. the difference between a savings account and a checking account).

The cupcake business is really helping to boost Mariana’s savings. Mariana saves part of what she earns to pay for University, which is her ultimate goal. Mariana now speaks of sustainable consumption and responsible income, and of her willingness to grow using her own resources.