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Date10.03.2014 CountryPhilippines Aflateen votes34

Aflatoun’s Horror House

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Aflatoun’s Horror House

2013 Halloween celebration was reveled by Aflatoun Youth Facilitators in CI-Manila Office. With different events in the community, we the Service Area Center (SAC) 5 youth created one of the most exciting events, one of the most interesting and the most entertaining activities to be presented by the most productive Aflatoun members of SAC 5. I’m glad to present to you Aflatoun’s Horror House with different kind of learnings inside!

In the 5th Core Element, entitled Social and Financial Enterprise, we made a project using a small capital of Php 1,000.00 ($ 22.50) which we were challenged to raise with. In the Financial Enterprise, it teaches ‘what is a business’, and ‘what are the things to be considered in starting a business’. Aflatoun Club made a business given a capital to start up, but instead of using its income personally we will use it in a way to help others. Indeed, a warm hearted project it is! We’ve started the project with just Php 1,000.00 ($ 22.50) and were able to raise the income to Php 3,000.00 ($67.49), three times the capital we got. Aflatoun performed a project that can produce a large income in just an hour. We’ve set a project and planned for this. Since the month sets in Halloween season during the 5th Core Element, we decided to use this as our theme. We had a two day preparation last October 31 and November 2, 2013. Other than this, we also have additional source of income, some of the members were assigned to make ice candies and sold it for just Php 3.00 ($ 0.07). The co-facilitators and club members were all very excited and it was obvious that they enjoyed what they were doing. Other youth leaders from different organizations (Agency Youth Council, Youth Heath Corps and Game On) also extended their help in the preparation and implementation. They helped us in making venue designs, doing make-ups, and assisted us during the event. The venue was decorated of just black plastic bags and covering any source of light, so it was literally very dark in the youth room. We also used boxes, adhesive tapes and recycled things to decorate the venue. Last November 3, 2013, the project was implemented. Five (5) youth club facilitators and thirty (30) youth club members wore their costumes with different designs and styles of make-ups.

Facial expressions ready! Actors ready! Different ages were welcome even those who are as young as 3 years old. There were also mothers who came to accompany their children. There were sponsored and non-sponsored children and youth who came and most of them were living near CI Field Office. At 3:00 in the afternoon, we started the program. Everyone was so excited to enter the booth, different kind of smiles that can’t be determined whether they were brave or afraid. Some cried; some were even scared to enter the stairs because it was so scary in the third floor, where the horror house was set. Imagine the place was so dark! There were sound effects, and effective actors to scare them. As a result, our project was very successful and effective. At 7:00 in the evening, it was so very tiring and fulfilling, our activity was finally over. A total of 433 children and adults came to enter the booth. We had already expected the weariness, negative thoughts and misunderstandings. But you know what’s more memorable? Is that we made this project fun for all of us and also to entertain other people. With the earnings we had, we shared it to the needy families as part of our social enterprise.

There were different learnings that we’ve encountered from the very start, from the planning to preparation, to the people who taught us, even with the materials that we’ve used and many more. To raise money while giving happiness to people at the same time was our goal. And with this, we had an achievement that was priceless…and we are looking forward for another AFLATOUN HORROR HOUSE this year!

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Nelvin Cabigayan